Wednesday, December 13

Anyway you slice it

A milestone.

It's so unlike me to forget a birthday. I'm like the effing queen of birthday remembrance and yet, I missed the passing of my beloved but recently neglected blog's first birthday. Oh and for the record, this is my 110th posting.

So what does the next year have in store?
For months I have been spreading word about the concept for my new blog. As the STYLE MAVERICK concept continues to evolve I have revised my tentative launch date to sometime around the new year-007 is always good for style. I can't promise diligent efforts in my detecting...only good intentions of sharing my words however great or small.

Comments have been sparse and critics have questioned how many readers exist. I'm guessing there are still a handful but, who knows? Comments make a great (and inexpensive) holiday gift. So please, quiet the critics and write anything. Thanks for your attention.

over and out.


summergrrl said...

Keep up the posting girl! I still read (and enjoy) your blog. I guess I should post comments more often. And I'm very excited to see your northwest fashion blog. Is it called Style Maverick these days?

Townshend said...

I have always enjoyed your observations and perceptions of the world around you. I don't think I've seen a movie review from you in a while. I have found your reviews make for some interesting reading.

highdesertsultan said...

been absent from reality for awhile,

not sure if i'm going to return, kind of like it out here,

but here i am now

star detective said...

Welcome back.
Isn't it interesting how the rest of the world seems to have barely changed?