Wednesday, July 30

Golden Anniversary

Trends in Japan reports that Honda is releasing a limited anniversary edition of its iconic Super Cub as it turns 50 this year.

Commemorative bikes go on sale August 1. According to their post, over 60 million super cubs have been sold world wide making it the top selling motorbike of all time. With consumers focused on fuel economy the golden years seem likely to stay gold, Ponyboy.

Tuesday, July 29

A pen for every purpose

Pens are in, especially as functionality goes freestyle. Trendhunter does a round up of 28 pens of the future here.

Forthcoming implements include pens that record your writing, the wi-fi detector pen, and long-distance autograph writers invented by Margaret Atwood.

And soon you can state your mind a little easier with the Philips emotion sensitive pen, that detects well-being and selects inks accordingly.

Monday, July 28

Postcards: p.s. I heart you

As reported by News Scotsman Postcards are enjoying a renewed interest among the British. The article reports that the Royal Mail is processing around 135 million postcards every year, an increase of 30 million over just three years.

It's no wonder, postcards serve as romantic but feasible artifacts to share among loved ones and the short hand requirements fit nicely with modern lexicon.

You can find unique designs or go DIY style here

or organize a swap a la the talented and industrious andrea at hula seventy

Sunday, July 27

hooping it up

Therapy, Exercise, a distant memory, hoola hooping is many things to many people. And it seems, the love is growing beyond dirtbag festivals.

Classes are being offered that promote fitness as well as a spiritual philosophy engendered by the love of the circle. A popular Central Oregon offering is
Hoopdazzle combining dance and hooping taught by the impressive Mollie Hogan pictured above.

World Hoop Day is coming up on August 8 so maybe it's a good time for you to get into the hoop?

Photo via Hoopdazzle

Monday, July 14

Drawn to this: sketchbook pages

Cool book Drawing From Life features fantastic glimpses into the interior pages of creative journals.

cool lettering sketches from the talented artist Linzie Hunter on Flickr

and good diy inspiration here:

wreck this journal

Saturday, July 12


baseball or tennis anyone?

Trendwatchers ubercool report on videogaming's true halo includes the above photo and describes key trends observed in videogaming. The wii seems to have transcended demographic backgrounds with the appeal of the fit.

Case in point, wiihab, that is using the wii fit to aid in recovery from broken bones, surgery and strokes.

Tuesday, July 8

mad men & women

Netflix gave notice that Season 1 Disc 1 of Mad Men is headed to my mailbox today. Hurray for TVD once again.

For a more contextual & historical perspective on advertising, there is this exhibit: “The Real Men and Women of Madison Avenue and Their Impact on American Culture” at the New York Public Library’s Science, Industry and Business Library through Sept. 26.
NY Times link here though you may need your own password.

photo via NY Times

Saturday, July 5

Freedom Riders

Just a taste of the 2008 Freedom Ride, a Bend Independence Day tradition in its sixth year.

Top photo shows the meet up at Columbia Park. The middle photo pictures subsequent procession riding North up Bond Street. The bottom photo provides the Wall Street view.

A few downtown laps, a lot of cheering, some automobile complaints and then it's all over as the swarm finishes at Columbia Park. Good times.

Thursday, July 3

street art

Wooster collective inspires by showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art placed on streets in cities around the world.

Tuesday, July 1

Ride Ride Ride

Thank Goodness. Happy to see the fashion world embrace commuter bicycling. I think Cycle Chic and its trail of imitators is responsible for raising style consciousness. Agree?