Wednesday, April 30

Recommended Reading

Want to feel inspired? Check out this manga-style guide to following your bliss professionally. Post title links you to website. Or just click here.

Tuesday, April 29

Thought of the day

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Monday, April 28

Question of the Day

Which would you rather have: more fans or more stage?

Friday, April 18

mas means more

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, April 15

Why Wait

My latest blog addiction is a compilation of real messages from beloved moms collected on Postcards from yo momma

Part of the appeal is reading, out of context, the vernacular shared among loved ones.

I was going to save the link for a larger mom tribute on May 11 but, that's kind of like waiting for that perfect moment to say I love you.


"Every day the choice is presented to us, to live up to the spirit that is in us,
or deny it"-Henry Miller

photo via fffound
quote via keri smith-how to make a living doing what you love

Monday, April 14

Ready to Wear Oprah?

Now you can purchase the clothes off her back or at least from the back of her closet. Lightly used Oprah clothes are for sale in her Chicago store. Read all about it at the link to NY Times article right here and yes, the marvelling continues...

Saturday, April 12

The tale of the stolen SE Racing bike

So what if it was propped, not locked, outside his place of business? MAS called me at 10a.m. to share the disturbing news that his bike was stolen.

Feeling sympathetic to the situation, I offered condolences and asked him to double-check on my bikes upon his return home. It seems every six months a wave of bike thefts occur and my (imagination-fed) fear was that a troop of bike bandits had descended upon Bend wreaking havoc and misery with every beloved two-wheeler stolen.

MAS wasn't buying the scenario. He decided to go on the hunt for his missing SE Racing Stout. Certain that an early morning, alley-walking transient must be the culprit, his logic was that the bike could still be found in town.

Slightly concerned with the vigilante emerging from my kind and sensible husband, I made light of his endeavor. I offered that he could" me if you need back-up!"
I suggested he take our 11 year old border collie along on his mission, "just in case." But MAS was not deterred by my jokes, he was on a quest to find the SE STOUT.


He searched the streets riding another bike from his quiver, this one a stripped down fixed gear. Beginning on the west side of town, up and down the quiet Friday avenues, always on the lookout for his gray single speed steed, he rode. After a couple hours searching, MAS felt a rumble in his stomach and ducked into the Deschutes Brewery for lunch.

Though seated at the pub, his thoughts remained with the loss of his bike. Replacing it would cost a few hundies at least. He chose a cost-saving pretzel and washed it down with two pints.

Now he ventured east. Crossing 97 emboldened him. He stopped in the pawn shops. There he found scores of hand guns and shot guns but no SE Stout. Then to the cop shop further east. He filed the Police report despite his sense of the futility of this action.

The day was wearing on and still no bike sighting. MAS returned to the west side. He stopped by a friends house not expecting him to be home at 3 in the afternoon.


MAS shared his tale of woe over another beer. Wii was played, probably tennis, MAS kicked ass due to his wicked serve. Another fellow stopped by and all enjoyed the impromptu dude session. But MAS couldn't forget that time & the opportunity to find his bike were passing.

He left. The canvassing continued though a feeling of dread was spreading within him. With a fading glimmer of hope he continued his search.

Around the five o'clock hour, he returned to the loft where I was wrapping up my work day. Learning of my evening agenda to have cocktails and catch-up with a handful of girlfriends, he weighed his options. With a few drinks and little to eat in his belly, MAS told me that he did not feel up to an evening of girly revelry that would surely ensue. He was headed home, emotionally spent after a day of fruitless searching.

It was nearing 6pm. MAS decided to take a final pass through Drake Park.


Within the walls of the open air amphitheater, the bike was lying next to a man with seven coats, a 40-ouncer wrapped in a paper bag and a transistor radio.

MAS dropped the fixie, yelled "that's my bike" and confidently approached the many coated stranger.

"Why did you take my bike?" MAS demanded.

"I found it in the alley" said the man with seven coats.

"No, you didn't. It was right outside the door of the bike shop." Feeling enraged and
with a fire in his belly MAS continued, "How would you like it if I took something of yours?" Now grabbing for the 40 ouncer, "how would you like it if I took your beer?"

Seven coated man shrunk back, drink cradled close to his chest.

"How would you like it if I took your radio?" MAS considered a dramatic move, such as throwing the radio into Mirror Pond. Choosing words over hasty actions, MAS continued, "You stole my bike. I use that bike for my transportation every day. That is lame."

"You can have it back." said seven coats.

"OH, I AM TAKING IT BACK!" MAS picked up his familiar gray bike, returned to his fixed gear and rode both bikes the 4 blocks to the bike shop from where the SE was stolen not 12 hours before.

True Story. Names have been nicked for minimal anonymity. Feel free to ask MAS for his rendition of this story. It is better live. Plus, he's a really good storyteller.


Friday, April 11

Tina Fey Fan Club

What is it about Tina Fey?

Is it that she's a writer and humorist who remains relevant without being vapid?

Is it her creation and portrayal of Liz Lemon who personifies the awkwardness of being a successful woman in the oughts of the 21st century?

Or is it her recent interviews that prove her to be smart and savvy to the curious trappings of celebrity culture?

Who else can articulate the silly aspects of Oprahmania or make a feature film about infertility that is a comedy?

p.s. post title links to Jezebel with fave excerpts from Fey's current press junket.

Thursday, April 10

Happy Siblings Day!

According to Slate today is siblings day?! Don't know what to do with that except
give thanks to my brothers & sisters for sharing their best qualities with me.

Melissa-fierce, fun, entertaining

Amy-compassionate, quick-witted, hard-working

Josh-philosopher, leader, courageous

Shawn-kind, cool, focused

Kyle-strong willed, intuitive, friendly

If I could, I'd give each and every one of you a Trophy cupcake today. Love you all!

Monday, April 7

Make Out

photo found on a cup of jo
there is a wiki on "How to make out for the first time" but like they say, a picture is worth...

Wednesday, April 2

The Power of Oprah

When did it happen? When did Oprah's reign as chief influencer of female America begin? My colleagues and I asked ourselves this question after once again marvelling at her power.

Here is a timeline but I ask you dear readers, what was the tipping point?

1984-January 2, First episode of A.M. Chicago

1986-September 8, Show expands to one hour and is broadcast nationally. Harpo Productions is formed the same year.

1987-Oprah wins her first EMMY.

1988-Harpo Productions obtains ownership and production responsibilities for her show from ABC-TV station, WLS in Chicago

1989-Recipient of NAACP's Entertainer of the Year Award.

1990-Produces and stars in Brewster Place

1991- Initiated the National Child Protection Act and testified before Congress

1992-Bob Green appointed supervisor of her exercise program.

1993- Hosted an interview with Michael Jackson which reached an audience of one hundred million.

1994-Co-authored the book In the Kitchen with Rosie

1995-Became first woman on Forbes list of 400 Richest Americans.

1996-September 16, Oprah announced the start of her on-air book club.

1996-Dr. Phil debuts on her program

1997-Formation of Angel Network

1998-Formation of Oxygen Media

2000-April, Oprah launches O magazine

2002-O magazine named Most Successful Start-Up Ever by Forbes magazine

2004-Time Magazine names her one of the 100 People Who most influenced the 20th Century.

2004-Fall, Oprah gives a Pontiac G6 to everyone in the audience.

2005-Named "The Greatest Woman in American History" as part of a public poll.

2005-May 23, Tom Cruise couch incident.

2006-Oprah signs 3 year contract with XM Satellite Radio.

2007-May, Oprah endorses Barack Obama

2007-Oprah opens Multi-million dollar school for girls in South Africa

2008-March, Oprah's Big Give debuts

There are now an average of 8.5 million viewers per original airing.

Another Question: Can you think of any other person in America with more influence?