Thursday, September 17

Did You Know

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and he can write a good song too!

David Byrne gets my vote for bike geek of the year.

The musician, artist, advocate and author continues to find new inroads into the cycling world with a new book titled Bicycle Diaries; a city tour addressing Cities, Bicycles and the Future of Getting Around and advising on Bike Rides, an upcoming show at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum.

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Monday, September 14

getting unstuck

Portland Creative Conference 2009

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Sunday, September 13

Practicing Resurrection

So, friends, every day do something that won't compute~Wendell Berry

Creative Conference 2009

Again I traveled to Portland for another opportunity to listen, be inspired and observe the talents of a creative community that is distinct from my own.

So it was, that my Saturday morning began by thinking about accelerating change with Dan Wieden.

As society begins to awaken to the exponential growth of information technology, our most valuable asset is the ability to lead a creative life. This is the hypothesis put forth by Mr. Wieden.

Yes, but how do you do it?

Share some of your magic Dan.

And he does. He tells the stories and rolls the film.

Having the freedom to fail is the key, he says.

He says that he subscribes to the notion that children should be praised for making mistakes rather than for their knowledge.

He shares his past demand: Fail three times.

And this idea, oft expressed at W + K, that while you were sleeping the world you knew changed. Today your job is to find out how.

Later, as he recited from a recent creative brief, a gorgeous manifesto for Levi's current Go Forth Campaign, I was moved to imagine how I might do more.

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