Sunday, March 29

what's your 20?

Being in the know is a tasty thing.

During SXSWi Cupcake Camp founder Ariel Waldman tweeted locations for cupcake giveaways delighting festival attendees. Waldman partnered with Austin's Sugar Mama's Bakeshop to realize her cupcake experiment . Beyond the appreciation of fans, the effort also garnered the attention of cnet news and Reuters, who used Sugar Mama's Bakeshop + Mighty Leaf tweet-up as an example of how small business are generating fans by offering shared experiences.

Why the long line?
The L.A. based Kogi Korean BBQ has over 12,000 people listening for their next location on twitter. As recently reported by springwise and NPR, tweeted locations are met with long lines eager to pay a couple of dollars for tasty tacos. A festive atmosphere and the allure of a shared experience certainly add to the appeal of the affordable cuisine.

Beyond twitter
The rise of location based social networks such as brightkite , services like shizzow and mobile applications extend the possibilities of impromptu events. Curious to see what comes next? Me too.

photo by Vincent Diamante / Sklathill

Monday, March 23

Unintended Disruption

Please excuse me.

I do believe we are what we share.

Yet I've been busy framing my experiences in less than 140 characters (and content re-producing) on twitter.

Actually, there is more to the story. While you were away I was attending conferences, camps and organizing community endeavors.

I did my best to hang with the digitally fluent and geek-hipster crowd at South by Southwest interactive . Admittedly I got a little fan-girl but restrained myself from accosting Henry Jenkins with gratitude and tell me more.

Just prior to sxswi I attended my second cre8camp pdx Cre8Camp PDX 3 The third in a series of unconferences for creative industries professionals. The Portland community of camp-ers is providing a great example of how cross-pollination of ideas works. In the words of their wiki: "The magic happens in the interactions between participants." Inspired by their example, we are collaborating with Oregon Creative Industries to organize Cre8Camp Bend in Autumn 2009.

Finally, I was one of a group of volunteers that came together to stage the first Ignite Bend on February 12. The premise: crowd determined community participants share their burning ideas on stage for the duration of 20 slides that automatically rotate every 15 seconds. A nearly full poethouse was entertained with storytelling that blended humor, poignancy and education. We are currently planning the second event.

It seems I am providing you with a report of sorts. Actually, my intent is simply a re-dedication to

Show. Tell. More. Soon.

Above top photo of final cre8camp schedule by Steve Kemper @stevek
Bottom photo shot by Buck Heim Both photos used with permission.