Saturday, February 25

In case you haven't noticed

There is a new contributor to Seriously Curious investigations. Despite my inclination to control this teeny, tiny space of the world, I'm giving it up. This here is an open invitation to all you aspiring super sleuths...

Perhaps you do not know you are curious about our world...but I believe you are. Listen up! I'm talking to you!

and you...This is an open call to all you wandering wonderers

You are welcome to sign on as a contributor to this site, hosted by yours truly, star detective

Friday, February 24

is this what you're talking about?

before the thaw

oh the mud thaw snow

so now that the sun has been shining and the days are a little longer i am feeling less uneasy. so i guess that would make me more easy. well... at least it does regarding my outdoor 'tude. just walking the dog is easier, going to a friends house is easier and even going to work is somehow easier. i've been paying particular attention to the what's happenings along tree'd paths near my home and for awhile the lingering snow/ice was getting me down. oh how i wished to see the earth below.

well now that i have my wish i still cannnot be content. why you may ask? well, let's just say it's personal and there's nothing you can do to fix it. unless of course you have a hair dryer with a really long cord i can use. i have now been reminded that the lingering snow/ ice was the only barrier to the newly formed mud slides along the aforementioned trail. but i have decided to no longer let it get me down and have decided to let it slow me down. i will now slow down my pace in the shadowed areas, taking a moment to see what i usually pay little mind. i will make an effort to notice the changes the sun and warmth are bringing. the new colors the new life. while forging a new way around that old mud thaw snow.

For the locals

So excited for the free range film series. The smarty-pants at bendfilm will present flicks that would not have previously made it to our 16-plex. Yee haw! I'm pencilling in tuesday nights at the Tower Theater. Click on bendfilm link for film listings.

Thursday, February 16

Do you care about Academy Awards?

Perhaps it's my competitive nature but, for some reason, I get a mild touch of Oscar fever around this time of year.

Symptoms include:

a delusional belief that the best (insert category) will win

that there is some meaning to the event

that some genuine goodness will be derived from viewing the ceremony.

All I know is, Heath Ledger has my (inconsequential) vote for best actor. Bravo!

Tuesday, February 14

Once again, feeling normal is weird

Perhaps you did not know that for the past five years I have only enjoyed one television station in my home--pbs.
Well, everything has changed again after Mas made the always surreal trip to Radio Shack for the big rabbit ear antennae purchase.

He was inspired by the Winter Olympics and knew that it would irresponsible for us to mooch off of publicly situated televisions or friends for the two week duration of the games. Now, after three sessions of coverage (Saturday Nordic combined, Sunday evening men's downhill and half pipe competition and last night's women's half pipe competition) I can carry on appropriate work conversation.

Already I get it. It is fun to stand your ground on debates about the beautiful simplicity of timed versus judged events. Also, the Shaun White drama, so compelling. Though, I admit, I fell asleep after he qualified in that second run.

Last night, I asked Mas to wake me up for the women's final halfpipe runs, but he slacked. I woke up to see the American women in giddy celebration and complained about his lack of effort. "You need the sleep, and it looked the same as the qualifying runs" was his unapologetic answer.

Saturday, February 11

A top 10 day

1. The sun shines
2. I have time in the morning to check email, listen to NPR, and/or cuddle with beloved dog and husband
3. Breakfast is prepared for me
4. Tasks are accomplished in an efficient manner
5. I go for a bike ride, run, ski, snowboard, or go for a walk--in order of preference
5a. Even better *with Mas, another friend, or as a group activity
6. While running errands, I meet familiar faces along the way. Incidental conversations are stimulating and provide food for thought
7. I have a good book to read as I sit in the afternoon sun
8. My house is warm, clean and in order
9. Dinner plans include friends, wine, savory cuisine and discussion
10.Travel dates are calendared or conspired

keeping house

Bendfilm link should work now...thanks to skeet who pointed out that previous link was not making it to said destination. Check it out sometime.

Tuesday, February 7

Questions of the day

Where do you draw the line to protect civil liberties while allowing the searches that could snare a potential terrorist? How is one day of Alberto Gonzalez testimony sufficient to address this issue? Who has the power and who is conceding (again)? Will somebody please come forward?

Friday, February 3

You don't have to be a bike nerd

to enjoy this dvd rental. Hell on Wheels is a German produced documentary focused on the Tour de France. The year is 2003 and the film focuses on racers on the Telekom team as it reveals the fantastic production we know as the Tour de France. Eric Zabel and Rolf Aldaq are Telekom riders who have been roommates, teammates, and true blue professional racers for over a decade. Their observations and modest, yet insightful remarks about the tour stages, combined with footage of the dramatic three-week-long race, makes for a compelling and inspirational film. The soundtrack is a little euro-synth but it doesn't suppress the beauty and drama of the story being told. Rent it locally at Sunnyside Sports.