Monday, October 30

you who?

Halloween is tomorrow. Many people have already donned costumes for weekend festivities. What did you dress as? What was the best costume you saw? While we're on the subject...check out this link to one of my favorite street style blogs
I wish I was invited to the eyes wide shut party.

Saturday, October 28

i hate blogger

why does this always happen to me when i haven't posted in a long time?

Friday, October 27

films that I am waiting for...

Babel: multiple plots in cross-cultural/national settings. It could be a mess if it weren't in the skilled hands of Inarittu.

Volver: Pedro Almodovar strikes again and this has got the oscar bees buzzing for Cruz.

View the trailer if you like

Wednesday, October 25

so glad

Pablo Picasso was born on this day.
Visit the Picasso Museum in Barcelona if you have ever doubted his talent.

Don't mind the drama

We have entered the time of Scorpio. Intensity is the theme of the next few weeks. Some suggestions for how to best enjoy the energy: Be creative. Ponder the mysteries. Let go.
Mercury goes retrograde next week so start double-checking facts, dates and all pertinent details. Use this period to re-connect with old friends and yourself.

more than skin deep?

I never really liked Dove ad campaigns until now...check out this link
She's a beauty

Saturday, October 21

Out of the ordinary

favorite dress

sugar coat me

Fashion. Art. Music. Multi-Media saturation at the Grove last night. All-ages got in to see local designer Halle Balou's creations. Halle and teen apprentice design collaborations were also featured. Local store Habit kicked off the runway action.

favorite model

It was well attended and rightfully so. My only complaint is the $5 cover...who did it go to? It would have been cool to donate to a scholarship for some of those up and coming designers.

at the bar getting wiggy with it

Stay tuned for street style investigations from the pacific nw.

Wednesday, October 18


awards ceremony
I spent all of last weekend enjoying my favorite festival in Bend (and believe me, that is saying something when there are a score or more festivals in our fair city). It was not the fall, beer, or octoberfest. It was the bendfilm festival. I love it. I love identifying the hipster writers, directors and few and far between actors. I love the parties when the real estate millionaires come out dressed to the nines shaking their groove thing next to the denim clad filmmakers. Their were other bizarre juxtapositions to be witnessed. Such as C.Thomas Howell aka Ponyboy doing his best to kiss John Waters' ass while emceeing the awards ceremony. It was painful yet somehow captured the yuk & kitsch of Hollywood.
As Ponyboy shared that his first hand job was provided by Lea Thompson I thought, glory days have past him by. When he repeated the story pity turned to disgust and disinterest. Did it matter that I was sitting at his table? Only when my friend heckled him audibly and he responded.thursday night was the bash at the box

photos from bendfilm website, check the link!

Autumn days