Sunday, December 14


living, riding, fixing and even fronting are all feasible.

Stylish Souk in downtown Portland, Oregon is but one option for freelancers looking for a professional workspace and the opportunity to network and/or simply collaborate.

Bike sharing rental programs are the hottest urban accessory for metropolitan areas such as Paris, Vienna, Barcelona, Düsseldorf and recently, Washington D.C.

Philadelphia's Free Ride and other bike cooperatives provide a space to work on your bike including stands, tools and volunteers to problem solve.

Wikipedia lists tool libraries across the U.S.

Beyond the practical, there are all sorts of rental opportunities for those seeking status and lifestyle upgrades.

According to Fast Company, membership to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) includes eligibility for art rental program for as little as $17 a month. FC's article How to look good in a recession offers additional ideas for leasing luxe.

Has your perception of ownership changed?


windo said...

love this idea. we don't really need to amass more stuff around the house. one can now rent kid's toys as well. as quick as my son is burning thru toys, it makes perfect sense. hopefully more communiities and big brands can help further this movement.

Jason Duerr said...

Even though we have one car, two never make sense for us. zipcar is one of those things that essentially gives us second car capacity without a lot of the additional cost. Plus we can drive much nicer cars.

I finally got around to getting signed up with them a month or so ago and found their all-wheel-drive cars incredibly useful when Dr. Adrienne's little car didn't cut getting to the hopspital during Snowpocalypse08.

Since I had a couple of free hours to play with when I signed up (they have a promo code on their site) my first day as a member was spent running my errands in a BMW 328. :)