Saturday, December 17

How do you feel about being 27,000 in debt?

Because that is every US citizen's share of our nation's eight trillion dollar deficit. Naturally there is a push for budget cuts. The proposed cuts affect medicaid, food stamps, foster care and other social service programs. They would put a 50 billion dollar dent in our deficit. At the same time, but in a separate legislative effort, there is consideration of a proposal that would cut taxes for the rich to "stimulate the economy". These tax cuts would cost us an estimated 95 billion.
And, did you know, that previously approved tax cuts will go into effect in January? Of course, if you make less than $75,000, you won't notice a difference because there will not be any tax breaks for you. If you make between 100,000-200,000 you might notice the twenty something dollars difference. The real winners are those making more than a million dollars. They can expect 20,000 in tax cuts. All of this makes me nostalgic for the days of those "tax and spend liberals". Now, it seems, our government just spends, with little regard for the future.
I have recently complained about my household budget. Mas is a strong believer in being debt free whenever possible. He has explained that spending money you do not have is expensive and should always be avoided. I get it. It's annoying at times but I understand that prioritizing spending and staying within a budget is necessary. Now, I wonder, how can I make sure that my government representatives also get it.

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