Saturday, December 24

The Spirit of the Season

Yesterday I felt it. I was only one person driving amid chaotic traffic. People were cutting one another off. I waited at a stoplight for more than one turn. As I sat in the turn lane, I counted the number of people driving while talking on their cell phones. Normally this exercise would be annoying but, instead of grumbling I noticed myself smiling. They are probably talking to a loved one, making plans for the family get together...I explained to myself.
Mas and I had previously decided not to exchange gifts but, I felt compelled to find some token object. Why now? Is it my old procrastinating self that wished to be part of the hustle and bustle of the day? After some reflection I understood the impulse. There was a feeling of love and appreciation in my heart that I wanted to express. Suddenly, all the blessings of my life were recollected in my mind. Of course, there is my health and my family's health. But there is also our great community of friends with their lessons and encouragement. Then there is freedom, personal freedom and the ability to create the life I desire. Finally, and most prominently, is Mas: my best friend, partner in adventure, teacher, counselor, lover...What sort of gift could contain all the love for this person? I decided that the only appropriate expression would be this simple gesture of thanks.

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