Saturday, January 7

Investigate This!

What is up with the continued overuse of the word clearly? It has been the pet word øf politicians and people wishing to sound like they believe in transparency for years now...Here's a little game for you NPR listeners. Count how many times you hear the word Clearly on any given morning. Also, share any other ubiquitous words with as little meaning that you hear.


highdesertsultan said...

sounds like fun

Townshend said...

I think you are clearly onto something! :) What I find interesting (even in its obvious form) is the over use of words such as: tragic, devastating, horrific etc., as a depiction of anything you see on the evening news. Sensationalism of the story is more important than the truth behind the story. The truth unfortunately bores us or at least that's what the networks believe. Try watching Fox News..... after 10 minutes you think the apocalypse is here.

Anonymous said...

Fox news is often broadcast on the televisions at my gym. I am developing the habit of turning the station whenever possible. I believe Fox news is one of the primary merchants of fear in our nation. By the way, I counted four "clearly's" on Washington Week (pbs) last night.