Sunday, January 22

A slice of Southern Culture

Junebug is the 2005 festival darling that was recently released on DVD. It depicts newlyweds Madeleine and George as they visit North Carolina in Madeleine's pursuit of a folk artist for her gallery in Chicago. George's family lives nearby and they return to his home town to introduce Madeleine to his family.
Every character is given justice in this movie. Likeable or not, they are depicted with sincerity. The standout character is clearly Ashley. She is George's sister-in-law, due to give birth at any moment. She is warm and genuine and reflects the values of the culture she inhabits. She is married to Johnny, George's younger, less accomplished brother. Johnny struggles with his brother's visit and copes by being annoyingly insensitive to everyone in his family. Peg is the family matriarch suspicious of George's glamourous new wife. She criticizes and scrutinizes while George's father quietly neutralizes and polishes relationships behind the scenes.
This movie is simple and modest but so powerful. The family dynamics are realistically complex. The conundrum of how family's support, shape and frustrate simultaneously is portrayed with care. This is another one of those quiet, character-driven films that I love and recommend.


highdesertsultan said...

sounds good,

highdesertsultan said...

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star detective said...

Amy Adams received an oscar nomination for supporting actress in Junebug! I love it!