Friday, July 14

The countdown begins

One week until departure for a Boston vacation. This is a trip I've imagined, discussed, and after a few years, will finally realize. Why Boston? I don't know exactly why.

Do you have any trip suggestions? Unfortunately the Red Sox will not be home during my stay...Anything else?


sHAYWOODh said...

I love Boston...

A classic quintessential American city... I've been there several times... Mostly around Christmas and New Years... My brother and I use to go out there and see my Cousin...

I say... Drive out to Vermont and go to Ben&Jerry's Ice Cream Factory... Free Samples if you take the tour!

Also, spend as much time down on the cape as possible... Small New England town charm and it's beautiful....

Ohh.... and Newport(RI) is really killer too. There are all these old Mansion along the sea that you can tour. The architecture, grounds, and art is amazing... Rich people get everything good, even in the old days...

I hope you have an awesome vacation... Bring me back something expensive!

star detective said...

Perhaps you might like a ship? Or for a true souvenir item- a Big Dig fallen piece of cement. Take your pick.

highdesertsultan said...

walk walk walk. and when you can't do that. take the T.

f.y.i. you can take the T all the way from the airport. you hop on a bus outside the terminal, and it takes you a mere 1 mile distance to the T stop. from there it is endless possibilities.

Shay's wine bar near Harvard Square.

The Fogg Museum (harvard)

Museum of Modern Art has cool exhibits but not a
very impressive permanent collection.

Take the T red line from Back Bay-ish area to harvard. Very spectacular view of the Charles River and downtown. Note the chiming sound in between the tracks at the MIT stop. those big brains figured it out.

Don't go anywhere outside of Boston. Unless someone else is buying.

Eat Italian food or just get dessert in the North End anytime.

Go to a real dim sum in chinatown on sunday morning.

Suggested expensive meals out. Blue ginger (Ming Tsai) Radius (Michael Schlow)

skeet said...

Avoid tunnels. I want you to return safely so I can jealously listen to all the stories about your adventures.