Friday, July 7

global warming 101

This movie made me miss university life. It is essentially Al Gore's slideshow on global warming interspersed with images of changed environments and personal narratives explaining why the former "next president" is compelled to share this concern. During the movie Gore observes that he has given the presentation over one thousand times all over the world. Good. I would like to encourage everyone to see this. If you need to feel entertained for your ten bucks, wait for DVD. Don't be disappointed. As I left the theater my mind was full of current concerns: access to natural foods & clean water, the threat that global warming truly poses, and an administration focused on making money on their war machine. The discomfort and self-questioning are reminiscent of fallout from educational epiphanies common in my college experience. I find myself curiously in search of discourse regarding these issues.


sHAYWOODh said...


I sounds like that movie shook things up for you! I wrestle with frustration and feelings of helplessness on so many political issues that at times I just want to give up and play dumb like so many other people... BUT, I wont!

Hey, you should totally check out the Discovery Channel Special on Global Warming this Sunday... July 16 at 9:00pm... I hope you have cable... It looks SO GOOD! I'll have Mrs. Round Tevo it for you and then record it on their recording DVD player... No Worries!

I hope all is well! (Other than the fact that were all going to die from gobal warming...)

star detective said...

Wow, please do have Ms. Round set me up. Discovery channel is not included in our rabbit ears four station package.