Saturday, August 19

Hello Again

Tell me about your lifestyle

Summer is rolling along and I have neglected my investigations. Could it be the new full-time job, the inviting out-of-doors weather or a lack of things to write about? Chalk it up to the "lifestyle changes" I am currently undergoing.

And, did you know, that the term lifestyle is fairly young in our lexicon. Before our lifestyles, how did we live? What does a life-style say about someone? Is it an image-conscious concept reflecting a culture more style than substance?

How would you describe your life style? Do you describe your life in those terms? Or do such terms make a mockery of the meaning? You tell me, in whatever style you please.


Townshend said...

Lifestyles certainly do change in the course of a lifetime. Health, wealth, children etc.. all impact lifestyles. I set goals early in my adult life as to what type of lifestyle I wanted for myself and my family. Most everything I did in some way was connected to either reaching that goal or maintaining it. Ultimately I guess my lifestyle is mostly a creation I've designed for myself based on who I am. Radical changes in my life have forced me to deviate from it at times but typically I always find my way back.

Hope your new career is going well and you are finding inspiration in your work. You are missed.

"It's tough to handle this fortune and fame. Everybody's so different.... I haven't changed" Joe Walsh

highdesertsultan said...

always reaching for simplicity and security. hope i get there some day.