Saturday, September 2


I've found some meme efforts floating in the blogosphere and have decided to post my own. What's a meme? You tell me, I'm guessing meme is short for memorandum. Well, this puts the random in the word.
Please feel free to go postal, post your own meme or comment on any of these.

Things that scare me: an undereducated and overfed populace

Things I hate most: Arrogance, Racism, Close-mindedness

Things I don't understand: The continuing popularity of Reality Television, Exclusion, Greediness and Hoarding

Things I'm doing right now: Learning how to swim correctly, Brainstorming a new blog, Redefining and setting new goals, Quitting my caffeine habit, Being more direct in asking for what I want,

Things I want to do before I die: become fluent in Spanish, Have a nice yard,Write a book, Be kinder to myself

Things I can do: Mountain bike, Snowboard, be flexible (but not in the yoga way)

Things I can't do: Dive/Jump off of any sort of platform into the water--but I'd like to change this

Ways to describe my personality: playful, engaging, curious, patient, tenacious, well-intentioned

Things I think you should listen to: your own compassionate thoughts, the music you love, words of encouragement

Things you should never listen to: words spoken out of fear

Things I'd like to learn: how to use photoshop for better blogging

Shows I watched as a kid: The only programs regularly allowed were The Nightly News (with Dan Rather), Star Trek re-runs and 60 minutes.