Wednesday, October 18


awards ceremony
I spent all of last weekend enjoying my favorite festival in Bend (and believe me, that is saying something when there are a score or more festivals in our fair city). It was not the fall, beer, or octoberfest. It was the bendfilm festival. I love it. I love identifying the hipster writers, directors and few and far between actors. I love the parties when the real estate millionaires come out dressed to the nines shaking their groove thing next to the denim clad filmmakers. Their were other bizarre juxtapositions to be witnessed. Such as C.Thomas Howell aka Ponyboy doing his best to kiss John Waters' ass while emceeing the awards ceremony. It was painful yet somehow captured the yuk & kitsch of Hollywood.
As Ponyboy shared that his first hand job was provided by Lea Thompson I thought, glory days have past him by. When he repeated the story pity turned to disgust and disinterest. Did it matter that I was sitting at his table? Only when my friend heckled him audibly and he responded.thursday night was the bash at the box

photos from bendfilm website, check the link!

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Goat Devil said...

A Haiku for you...Entitled "Film Festival"...

Ponyboy Curtis
No longer quoting Whitman
begs for a hand job