Saturday, October 21

Out of the ordinary

favorite dress

sugar coat me

Fashion. Art. Music. Multi-Media saturation at the Grove last night. All-ages got in to see local designer Halle Balou's creations. Halle and teen apprentice design collaborations were also featured. Local store Habit kicked off the runway action.

favorite model

It was well attended and rightfully so. My only complaint is the $5 cover...who did it go to? It would have been cool to donate to a scholarship for some of those up and coming designers.

at the bar getting wiggy with it

Stay tuned for street style investigations from the pacific nw.


sugar packet said...

Since you asked, and I somewhat know, the $5 cover went to (not even) pay for runway rental, advertising in the $ource, fliers, and the fabulous hair and makeup artists. Only 100 tickets were sold.

star detective said...

fair enough. Judging from the capacity there most have been a lot of comp tickets flowing. Still good fun.
And the hair and makeup were amazing.