Sunday, February 18

Oscar Dreams

I dreamt that Little Miss Sunshine won the Academy Award for Best Picture and felt strangely torn.

Now, in my waking life, I profess a conviction that The Departed deserves the award for Best Picture. Why? A great ensemble cast with standout Leonardo DiCaprio. Plus,a love triangle storyline that was executed in a refreshing manner with the talented Vera Farmiga.

The Departed is not cinematic perfection by any means-- Jack Nicholson's portrayal of Frank Costello disrupts the viewer's complete delve into an otherwise believable mob/cop world. Still, I wanted to discuss The Departed for days after viewing.

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Townshend said...

I haven't seen the departed yet however I did happen to finally watch "Raging Bull". This movie is possibly Scorsese's greatest accomplishment and DiNiro was fantastic in his role as Jake Lamata.

Another boxing movie which I was pleasantly surprised by was "Rocky Balboa". Stalone goes back to the streets of Philadelphia to tell the final chapter of Rocky. This movie recaptures all of the charm of the Rocky character from the original oscar winning movie. He is not the super hero from the many movies that followed, rather he is a gentle humble man who demonstrates one last time that it's not about winning it's about being your best. It is certainly Stalone's best work in a long long time.