Thursday, April 10

Happy Siblings Day!

According to Slate today is siblings day?! Don't know what to do with that except
give thanks to my brothers & sisters for sharing their best qualities with me.

Melissa-fierce, fun, entertaining

Amy-compassionate, quick-witted, hard-working

Josh-philosopher, leader, courageous

Shawn-kind, cool, focused

Kyle-strong willed, intuitive, friendly

If I could, I'd give each and every one of you a Trophy cupcake today. Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Cassondra- confident, driven, intelligent

Here's to you!

Mas jr.

star detective said...

thanks, what is it about those initials that I love so much?

Amy said...

I love ya back and would say thank you for always being you and for rescuing me that bleak winter day where all hope was lost, and for the thoughtful gifts you have given throughout the years. I love you

star detective said...

it was the lime flavored Doritos and cottage cheese! hugs & kisses...