Wednesday, April 2

The Power of Oprah

When did it happen? When did Oprah's reign as chief influencer of female America begin? My colleagues and I asked ourselves this question after once again marvelling at her power.

Here is a timeline but I ask you dear readers, what was the tipping point?

1984-January 2, First episode of A.M. Chicago

1986-September 8, Show expands to one hour and is broadcast nationally. Harpo Productions is formed the same year.

1987-Oprah wins her first EMMY.

1988-Harpo Productions obtains ownership and production responsibilities for her show from ABC-TV station, WLS in Chicago

1989-Recipient of NAACP's Entertainer of the Year Award.

1990-Produces and stars in Brewster Place

1991- Initiated the National Child Protection Act and testified before Congress

1992-Bob Green appointed supervisor of her exercise program.

1993- Hosted an interview with Michael Jackson which reached an audience of one hundred million.

1994-Co-authored the book In the Kitchen with Rosie

1995-Became first woman on Forbes list of 400 Richest Americans.

1996-September 16, Oprah announced the start of her on-air book club.

1996-Dr. Phil debuts on her program

1997-Formation of Angel Network

1998-Formation of Oxygen Media

2000-April, Oprah launches O magazine

2002-O magazine named Most Successful Start-Up Ever by Forbes magazine

2004-Time Magazine names her one of the 100 People Who most influenced the 20th Century.

2004-Fall, Oprah gives a Pontiac G6 to everyone in the audience.

2005-Named "The Greatest Woman in American History" as part of a public poll.

2005-May 23, Tom Cruise couch incident.

2006-Oprah signs 3 year contract with XM Satellite Radio.

2007-May, Oprah endorses Barack Obama

2007-Oprah opens Multi-million dollar school for girls in South Africa

2008-March, Oprah's Big Give debuts

There are now an average of 8.5 million viewers per original airing.

Another Question: Can you think of any other person in America with more influence?

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And her focus comes to Bend, Oregon today.