Tuesday, July 29

A pen for every purpose

Pens are in, especially as functionality goes freestyle. Trendhunter does a round up of 28 pens of the future here.

Forthcoming implements include pens that record your writing, the wi-fi detector pen, and long-distance autograph writers invented by Margaret Atwood.

And soon you can state your mind a little easier with the Philips emotion sensitive pen, that detects well-being and selects inks accordingly.

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Micah Elliott said...

Thanks for the link to trendhunter. Got a few good feeds from there. I'm trying to get familiarized with the trend-tracking landscape.

I also am a connoisseur of pens, though very simplistically. I just wonder if functionality actually sells. I always have med-pt bic 4-color in my pocket (no protector :-). I find the multiple colors to be the killer feature that few others seem to appreciate. Great for sketch designs and for marking up books. I have a really hard time finding them in any office store these days (though I have a good supply on stock at home).