Saturday, July 12


baseball or tennis anyone?

Trendwatchers ubercool report on videogaming's true halo includes the above photo and describes key trends observed in videogaming. The wii seems to have transcended demographic backgrounds with the appeal of the fit.

Case in point, wiihab, that is using the wii fit to aid in recovery from broken bones, surgery and strokes.

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Mershon W. Hinkel, OTR/L, MSPH said...

I am an Occupational Therapist who is exploring ways to use the Wii as part of rehab therapy. There is so much potential to use tools such as this in a rehab setting. For example, Mario Kart is great for helping people who have weakness on one side of the body learn how to use both arms together. I am so excited that more people are catching on to this trend. I blog about the Wiihab phenomenon and wayst that the Wii can be incorporated into a therapy plan at Wiihab.