Saturday, September 13

An insider's look

How you live is who you are.
The Sartorialist documents what the stylish are wearing, Cobra Snake documents how the cool kids party and The Selby documents the inspirational spaces of interesting peeps. Photos of Cheri Messerli and David Rager from the Selby site.

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Horton Brothers said...

Rich people with funky shiz is sooo late 90's...

I'm all about the 1960's suburban house, with the 70's brown chandeliers (gold metal trim), 80's flower print wall paper, 90's scuffed up pergo floors, and 2000's marble counter tops all rolled into one.... ohhh and I LOVE It when people turn the garage into a bedroom!

One word... CLASSY

Sorry, I'm just not impressed with a web page filled with living spaces that look drafty, uncomfortable, lack privacy, and everything looks staged... Sure their is NO sign of any Chinese Shiz from WallMart (or downtown Bend, OR.) But it's still just "Poser Trendy..."