Monday, September 29

Girard inspired designs

Inspired by mid-century textile and folk art designer Alexander Girard? If so, you are not alone.

Electra Bikes displayed two Girard designs at Interbike. Fresh designers at Dear Creatures cite Girard as influencing their design concept for Fall 2008 Collection along with Mary Blair and Scandinavian Folk Art.

Alexander Girard was chief textile designer for the Herman Miller Furniture Company, in the 1960's heydey that also included George Nelson and Charles Eames.

A modernist, Girard used color reflecting his affection for artifacts, toys and dolls of the southwest and Mexico. His collection was eventually one of the largest collections of Central and South American folk artifacts in the US and now resides in the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe.

Where have you spotted the Girard influenced designs?

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Brent said...

I like the looks. Nice to add some style to bikes.