Saturday, October 11

Macro Trend: Frugality

Tree Hugger's October 6, 2008 Quote of the day goes to Paul Kedrosky: "Frugality is the new black". Kedrosky alludes to this prescient August '08 post from Merril Lynch Economist David Rosenberg.

Unsurprisingly the word pops up in many of the choice weekend reads. It's all over the NY Times. Style and Travel take the frugal angle:

Frugal New York

The Frugal Teenager Ready or Not

Tips at these sites:

Simple Dollar

Frugal Village

Share your stories and/or links in the comments. I expect many days of resourceful living to come.


Lori King said...

Business Week has an interesting article this month titled "The New Age of Frugality"

cassondra said...

Thank you Lori!