Monday, March 23

Unintended Disruption

Please excuse me.

I do believe we are what we share.

Yet I've been busy framing my experiences in less than 140 characters (and content re-producing) on twitter.

Actually, there is more to the story. While you were away I was attending conferences, camps and organizing community endeavors.

I did my best to hang with the digitally fluent and geek-hipster crowd at South by Southwest interactive . Admittedly I got a little fan-girl but restrained myself from accosting Henry Jenkins with gratitude and tell me more.

Just prior to sxswi I attended my second cre8camp pdx Cre8Camp PDX 3 The third in a series of unconferences for creative industries professionals. The Portland community of camp-ers is providing a great example of how cross-pollination of ideas works. In the words of their wiki: "The magic happens in the interactions between participants." Inspired by their example, we are collaborating with Oregon Creative Industries to organize Cre8Camp Bend in Autumn 2009.

Finally, I was one of a group of volunteers that came together to stage the first Ignite Bend on February 12. The premise: crowd determined community participants share their burning ideas on stage for the duration of 20 slides that automatically rotate every 15 seconds. A nearly full poethouse was entertained with storytelling that blended humor, poignancy and education. We are currently planning the second event.

It seems I am providing you with a report of sorts. Actually, my intent is simply a re-dedication to

Show. Tell. More. Soon.

Above top photo of final cre8camp schedule by Steve Kemper @stevek
Bottom photo shot by Buck Heim Both photos used with permission.

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