Tuesday, May 16

Bird nerding

For the second consecutive year our porch has been chosen for a robin's nest. Last year, delighted by this close encounter with nature, I began a ritual of bird watching. I peered into the nest to see the small eggs and observed the bird's dilligence in sitting around waiting. This went on for a couple of weeks until all my wonder turned to horror when I arrived home to find bits and pieces of the nest and eggs on the ground below. I was distraught by the tragic end but Mas stoicly pointed out that it's part of the life cycle. Fast forward one year, the bird, the nest, the eggs. All I can do is hope that my little buddies make it out successfully.


highdesertsultan said...

best wishes

i can't wait to come over to see the progress

star detective said...

Baby Bird born (we think) May 27th. Cracked eggshell noted on the 28th. Mama and baby both doing fine!