Sunday, May 28

Masked performances

If you have seen the previews for the new Jared Hess movie(aka Napolean Dynamite director) you know that is stars Jack Black as a priest-in-training turned masked wrestler. But do you know about Lucha Libre? That is the mexican tradition of masked wrestlers enjoyed for decades by old and young alike. It is a tradition not to be mocked. The masks are integral to sport. To be unmasked is to be defamed, stripped of your power. The hipsters have beat the rush in celebrating Lucha Libre. Check out this website for a little insight. I don't know about the movie but, the combination of a good mask, costume and some wrestling sounds...intriguing.

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Townshend said...

I've seen previews of this movie and it looks a little silly. That being said, I do like Jack Black and his band Tenacious D. I'm not sure about this one...... I think I'll wait for your review and then decide.