Saturday, May 13

the plot thickens

So, Thursday we find out that our friendly government (National Security Agency) has been purchasing our telephone records for the past five years. While I am all about a worthy stakeout, I find myself aghast (again) at the infringement on our personal liberties. I am also infuriated that the crooked communications businesses that bring us nonsensical cell phone plans make extra dough selling off our info without our knowledge. But, amid my fury I learn that there is a hold out. Qwest refused the NSA's request. I am proud of my phone company. All of a sudden I am awash in regionalistic pride. It must be something in the water that provides our west coast superiority-I buy a Starbucks giant latte celebrating our NW stubborn independence and all that. A round on me in my fervor

Then, the plot thickens: Joseph Nacchio (former CEO of quest who refused to sell) is currently facing federal charges of insider trading stemming from a financial scandal at Qwest. It may just be coincidence, but USA Today's scoop on the NSA program, which was sourced to "people with direct knowledge of the arrangement," seems quite helpful to Nacchio's defense as he prepares for trial in Colorado.

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Townshend said...

This sounds like the making of a Harrison Ford movie!

The Bush administration has this mentality that they will do whatever they want.... when they want.

I am shocked at the apathy of this country towards his foreign and domestic policies. Where is the passion and the fight we saw in the 60's? Perhaps a draft would finally get the masses to stand up and say no more.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.... Bush is a fine example of this.

I guess the thing that is hardest for me to swallow is that we did this to ourselves by voting him in a second term....... it makes you wonder about the overall intelligence of this country.