Monday, June 5

Michael Pollen, you're my hero

Check out this New York Times article Organic and Wal-Mart make uncomfortable bedfellows This guy continues on his crusade to educate the populace about their food. I'm lovin' it.


racecar said...

wow that article was awsome. I loved it! When a system is so deeply rooted in competition and profits how do you convince those with the power to act in a way that would decrease those ever so precious profits. One possibility is to have the government require proper social responsibility, however this venue is lost once you allow the politicians to be funded by those profit seeking corporations. One can only hope that the next wave of executives is socially responsible, with a strong desire to preserve things far more important than profits.

Townshend said...

Interesting. There's a great deal of conjecture in this article. That being said, he does back it up with some compelling historical data and contemporary observations.

This is the way it is done in the U.S. I lost count on how many sacred institutions have been forever changed in the name of Adam Smith's "Invisible Hand".

Professional "team sports" have been destroyed by free-agency. For decades the music industry has put artists on assembly lines in name of mass production and profit. The result: a proliferation of shit on the air waves. I could go and on.....

This is the natural of order of things in a capitalistic society. Is it wrong..... of course. Is there a better way....... I would hope so. Do those who write for or read the New York Times typically benefit from living in this type of society.... absolutely. Interesting paradox if you dig a bit below the surface. I wonder how many people and natural resources were stepped on in the making of the New York Times?

The best statement in the article is "The logic of capitalism usually prevails". Whether right or wrong this undeniably true.

Besides I don't shop at Walmart and not because I'm making a political statement. I just can't stand the place! :)