Thursday, June 15

Sounds good

New iPod. New playlist far listening to:

1.Cat Power-I Found a Reason
2.The Raconteurs-Steady As She Goes
3.Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Golden Lion
4.Arcade Fire-Lies
5.Death Cab for Cutie-Title & Registration
7.Nightmares on Wax-You Wish

Any suggestions?

And, another thing. A round up of favorite sounds: Skateboard wheels on pavement, typewriters, coffee brewing, Chris King Hubs, furious rain and hail falling on the roof, a well-tuned bike, All Things Considered theme music, popcorn popping, tidal songs, most laughter...


townshend said...

Congrats on the new ipod I'm assuming you stepped up to the video screen model? Ilove the incredible song capacity.

New music, not one of my strengths. I was introduced to the music of Djali Zwan recently I thought they were rather interesting.

As far as sounds go how about the sound of rolling thunder? Or a distant lawn mower on a warm summer afternoon. One last one: the sound of birds singing just as dawn breaks....... okay one more: the sound of Micheal Shenker's guitar, I couldn't forget that one!

star detective said...

Video screen...yes, but why? We bought it for the 30GB capacity.
Another sound: camp fires.