Monday, February 4

An eventful life

Perhaps it's just me, perhaps not. Have you noticed all the events happening around us?

SALES EVENTS: I used to sit up and take notice of Sales Events. Car lots have them often. Department stores even more. But, the term has been abused and now it registers on par with the old Bon Marche's one-day sale. How can it be one-day when the tune is so familiar it's like a bad audio pop-up? "One day sa-a-a-ale, one day only at the Bon Marche".

WINTER STORM EVENTS: If you live in Central Oregon (like I do) you are becoming familiar with these events. These days, Christian Boris provides this oft-delivered news with glee and a smirk. Winter Storm Events still have some impact as word of them is reality-based. Unlike:

TELEVISION EVENT OF THE SEASON: Forgive me if I sound a little stodgy here but NBC's The Biggest Loser is not a television event. News of John Lennon's death, The Challenger Space Shuttle, the '00 Election Confusion, those are television events. Last night's Super Bowl XLII approached the event of the season but not because of any inherent merit.

I wonder how Event gained momentum to be used with such generosity? Is it the outcome of an event-planner plot?

Eventually, it will have to end.

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