Saturday, February 2

Mac Guy, Just Like Us?

Advertising Age shares study revealing that mac users are similar to the mac guy. The research was independently conducted by Mindset Media. They surveyed 7,500 Nielsen online consumers to create a composite psychographic profile.

Among their findings: mac users tend to be open (check), creative (heck yes), arrogant (huh?) and avid sneaker consumers.

So it seems that Justin Long is working out pretty good as the face of "mac guy". In the spirit of gender equality, who would you nominate for "mac gal"?

Ellen Page gets my vote.

Yes, she's my celebrity girl-crush and current personification of cool. But, she also has the sneaker thing down, as mentioned in a December All Things Considered interview with Neta Ulaby:

"She's a devotee of Converse sneakers and flannel, so she was shocked when Vanity Fair asked her to model for a magazine spread featuring a gaggle of young actresses."

And, further on in the NPR segment, additional insight:

"Ellen Page has another movie coming out in the spring — Smart People — in which she stars opposite Sarah Jessica Parker. After that, she hopes to start shooting a Canadian indie film about teenage lesbian werewolves."

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