Sunday, February 10

Style report: hand-made bike show

Portland, Oregon played host to the 4th annual handmade bike show this past weekend. Racks galore, one-speeds, and funky commuter bikes were well represented. Bikes fabricated with bamboo & wood provided some innovative eye candy but there were also plenty of steel frames bearing names in retro fonts. In fact, nostalgia seems to be infused into many of the designs though integration of technology and/or materials provide new-school functionality.

I see tap handle potential in those bars

Legitimate craftsmanship was certainly on display. Consider the titanium sofa. 300 hours were given to the design reflected in the comfort of the seat as well as the $16,000 price tag.

On a smaller scale, there were racks artfully designed with contrasting wood patterns for the crafty commuter types that populate the Northwest.

rack it up in style

MAS was all about due diligence, trolling the aisles and checking out what's on the minds of industry influencers. I was his eager companion, and try as I may to stay focused on cable routing & disk brakes, my interest waned after awhile, and I couldn't help but notice the crowd. I can confidently report that beards, tatts, and cut-off denim have taken hold of the indie bike scene. Now, that's style.

bike & rack photos by MAS, ti sofa photo courtesy of kw @ good problem

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