Saturday, March 22

Frack, it's good!

The 4th and final season of Battlestar Galactica is scheduled for April broadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel. Ronald D. Moore created the 21st century version taking the blueprint provided by the late 70's ABC series to build something marvelous and remarkable.

Growing up under the roof of a totalitarian Trekkie father, I was first resistant to Battlestar. One pilot episode later, I succumbed to the charms of the program, appreciative of kick-ass female characters and good writing. The plots thus far have explored the paranoia and damage of homeland terrorism. Cylon Robots look the same (albeit ridiculously HOT when female) but are on a mission to destroy their human creators, or are they? Storylines have included examination of religious intolerance, torture, and a lingering war that takes it's toll on all of humanity.

A series catch-up episode will air on March 28. But do yourself a favor and rent past episodes–they are worth your time.

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Jose said...

i can't wait for friday!
you should chk out the BSG Meetup group - we are gathering for the Season 4 premiere!