Wednesday, April 19

Enemy of the State

Finally, my long held belief about the evils of corn are being discussed. The Omnivore's Dilemma is Michael Pollan's story about what we eat for dinner. He investigates a meal from the many sources by which it is grown, gathered, marketed and consumed. While, I have not yet read this book, I have enjoyed NPR interviews featuring Mr. Pollan. Especially as he bashes corn. Why? Pollen points out that American cattle fatten on corn. Corn also feeds poultry, pigs and sheep, even farmed fish. Think that's all? You're quite mistaken. In addition to dairy products from corn-fed cows and eggs from corn-fed chickens, corn starch, corn oil and corn syrup make up key ingredients in prepared foods. Don't believe me?
Take a look at the labels of packaged food in your cupboard and refridgerator. Ketchup? Yep. Yogurt? mm-hmm. If you drink soda you probably know that it is high-fructose corn syrup along with food coloring that you are enjoying. Perhaps you also enjoy the corn syrup that is in the toothpaste many of us brush our teeth with.

Another corn fact? Agribusiness loves this crop. It is one of the premier genetically modified crops out there!

Star Detective has a theory about our nation's obese kiddos and relatively recent corn syrup affinity.

And the ethanol debate? We'll save that topic for another time. Today's message can be summed up like this...

You don't have to be a corn hole.


highdesertsultan said...

go huskers

Misty said...

Desert Sultan is stirring up trouble wherever he can find it, I see!

Hi Star Detective: Leyden told me about your site, so I have checked it out! Very nice!

However, I must say that I second his opinion... GO Huskers!

Townshend said...

Wow..... I guess that picture proves they grow'em big in the midwest.