Thursday, April 27

It's GO time

the flaming chicken roundabout

Monday: rode through Shevlin up Mrazek until snow patches just before the canal.
Tuesday: Broken Top accessing C.O.D. went up to gravel access road. Headed towards Bend's trail but hit some serious snow patches. Returned to C.O.D. cutting out early for River Trail finish.
Friday: Through Shevlin cut across Skyliner and up Bend Trail. All access on lower Phil's Trails.
Thrilled to be MTBing on the Westside.
Where are you riding?

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highdesertsultan said...

damn girl

it has been GO time fer ya. i've made it up to the canal with paul the other day. made a couple of new techy obstacles up outta the park than the time before. it always makes me stoked to do better each time.