Sunday, May 25

Curate vs. Create

The increasing popularity of the word curate prompted me to look the word up. In doing so I found the following definition: v. select, organize, and look after the items in (a collection or exhibition)

Could it be that the word's newfound prevalence reflects a cultural shift towards our habits of organizing and sharing our lives via photos, music, you name it? Are we increasingly aware of our roles as content specialists of our day-to-day realities?

What percentage of your time is spent curating? Compare that to the time you spend creating. Which do you spend more time doing?

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Anonymous said...

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Now... which of you Mo-Fo's is using the world "curate." That's obnoxious! STOP... It makes you sound like you're trying to be all smart and sophisticated... Trying to be smart and being smart are two completely different things... Like trying to be a rocker... but only knowing the chorus... POSER!