Saturday, May 31

public listing

2 ideas for plotting your future (short & long term).

To Do Tattoo, purchase your official hand writing kit here.
found via cool blog swiss miss.

Or, for the more serious goal-setter who is savvy to social media benefits, 43 things offers a public forum to list goals, chart progress and provide/elicit support to/from others.

What's on your to do list? Mine includes visiting Austin, Texas (SXSW '09?)


Anonymous said...

Tattoos are nast! Plus adults who write on their skin are creepy! When I see them at the store or out in public I just want to tell them about post-it notes... Revolutionary!!! It kind of like people who open things with their teeth or clip their fingernails in public... Gross... Grow UP!

Anonymous said...

Well now that you ask... I have always wanted to:

poke this chick I work with in the eye (really hard)
start a nasty rumor about someone's dog
"bring back" the dixie chicks (hardness)
watch a nicholas cage movie outside the fetal position
wear a peach polo shirt (popped of course) to a riffle range...