Sunday, May 11

Getting out the vote

by mail. That's how it is done in Oregon. There's no convening at election day poll booths, make-shift style in elementary school cafeterias.

Here, choices are made in the privacy of one's own home with ample time provided to send the completed ballots out the door. And though the mail-in system is well regarded & held up as a national example, I wonder if others have nostalgic memories of being behind the musty curtain?

The curiosity about what those strangers are thinking as they cast their ballots in the booth next to yours. Who are they voting for? Is it possible to guess just by looking at them? Isn't that one of the goofy guys who stood on the corner holding up that wacko's sign? Who is his pick for precinct committee person?

After the act, you would emerge from the building wearing your badge of citizenry, the I voted sticker. You knew, and those around you knew, that you were in this deal together.

With primary ballots due on the 20th, have your decisions been made? How have you arrived at them? Do you know who your precinct committee candidates are?

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