Thursday, June 5

Just Grow It.

One of the benefits of growing up in a hippy-ish household was meals made entirely from vegetables grown in my dad's garden. Okay, so at the time it didn't seem too cool, "spaghetti squash AGAIN?" But it is one of those retrospective blessings I count from time to time.

Now I pay the premium whole foods price to get the goods sans genetic engineering, pesticides and over-processing. And things aren't getting any cheaper.

With the rising costs of gas, so too the grocery bills go up. What to do?

Solutions seem to be cropping up.

Community gardens and urban plots are gaining in popularity.

After declaring the urban gardening trend as well as taken note of the hipster farmer, trend aficionados PSFK recently documented one urbanite's commitment to the land in the form of urban allotments.

And for the more subversive there is the art of Guerilla Gardening.

So, quick review. Gas hits $4 dollars a gallon. People begin using public transportation, carpooling or biking to work. They also turn to gardening to decrease their grocery bills.

All of this sounds sort of, normal.

photo via web urbanist


racecar said...

You failed to mention one other trend as a result of gas reaching the $4 a gallon threshold. The rising amount of DIY creating biodiesel. See websites devoted t the trend...

FYI... I also read the blog, I just don't always feel I would provide a value added post. Please keep up the observations.

a man a plan a canal panama said...


I do believe you failed to mention the rise of DIY biodiesel brewers. Case in point a new Website devoted to the practice.

Love the explorations and observations, don't stop!

cassondra said...

thanks for the encouragement and considerations...they make this venture worthwhile...

p.s you're right, diy biodiesel is so worthy of coverage.

Anonymous said...

Who ever expected that planting a garden and riding a bicycle would constitute "Raging Against The Machine..."

My only concern is this... If we start planting gardens in all the little dirt patches (for trees) on the sidewalks... Where ohh where are the dogs going to go pee and poop...

That could lead to some tangy strawberries...

Just saying!