Thursday, June 5

what's your story?

Twitter has become my obsession du jour. Though I follow only fortysomething others, I feel a little more in the know, especially in the digital sea where innovation seems to be moving at quite a nice clip.

Bkkeeper is the latest twitter application to catch my eye. It allows you to track what you are reading, when you begin and finish a book, as well as mark those standout stanzas and "purple passages".

A quick trip to the site reminded me to buy Charles Leadbetter's WE THINK which will serve as my first bookmarked effort following the book's arrival next week.

First step: join twitter. Questions about twitter? You can check out the video presentation at the site. Then, follow bkkeeper directions here.

Sidenote regarding twitter, you can follow me here, I will probably follow you back and so begins another way to share.

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