Monday, June 2

shared stimuli

Have a good story about how you spent your stimulus check? Share it at this site. Judging by the number of entries per topic it looks like a lot of folks paid down their debt, improved their homes & gardens or paid for new cars, gas or maintenance on older ones.

What did you do?


Anonymous said...

You just know we're all gunna go out and blow that free money on cheap Chinese shiz that we don't really need.. Though..... the tax stimuli WAS possible due to the 100 billion China "lent" the beautiful USA... Wally World, Freddies, Targhetto, Costmore, PAG, Banana.... all that gorgeous shiz just screaming out, "come and git me!" I muuuuuust Spend.... "Ahhhhhh self gratifying...." So... I guess... A thank you is in order... "Thank you Chinese people... political freedom and environmental standards are SO overrated... Now get back to work... I need a bike helmet! (wink!!!)..."

Jose said...

and I spent my stimulus in Deutschland - Long Live the Euro!!!