Monday, June 9

Maverick is an MTB bike, not a McCain

Number of times that U.S. media have called John McCain a "maverick" since 1995: 6,757

Percentage change between 2001 and 2007 in the number of instances per year: +76
Source: Harper's Index

On a somewhat related note, I was sent a link to this incendiary blog post last week...only for those with a sense of humor.


Anonymous said...

Ummm I don't get it....

And, I know I'm probably not the only one... The other peeps just don't ask because... well... as we all know their "hos..." (p.s. don't you have a bunch of trendy work friends and biker palls that read this shizzz???)

So... okay... anyway... what does the +76 indicate? Is he more of a "maverick" now or back in the 90's! Or what??? Calling McCain a "Maverick" is like calling Bon Jovi a rocker... Maybe at one point but now.... not so much!

cassondra said...

admittedly, this post is confusing.

+76% indicates the growing tendency of the media to call McCain a maverick.

For me the word has positive associations (thanks to my sweet full suspension mtb). It's meaning is rooted in an independent or dissenting spirit which I'm sure McCain enjoys especially as the current U.S. president has super low approval ratings.

To further answer your question, policy-wise McCain is no more a maverick now than in the last millenium. But I believe words and labels create meaning and shape people's perceptions.

Thanks for questioning and sharing your voice. It's difficult to know if my "trendy work friends" or other pals are reading unless they comment.