Saturday, August 9

commuter cycling up

Bicycling continues to gains fans evidenced by booming sales, strategic placement in fashion catalogs and a surge of commuter-friendly innovation.

Springwise reports that Trek has developed a prototype bicycle parts vending machine. Located just off a bike path in Madison, Wisconsin, the full-service vending machine is stocked with fix-a-flat items such as spare tubes, patches, tire levers, and CO2 cartridges; it also features an information center. A work stand and free air are also available beneath a covered work area.

The story also reports that Seattle-based Aaron's Bicycle Repair has offered a similar vending machine for after hours service since 2005.

Bikestation offers storage, bike rental and vehicle-sharing access at their sites currently located in Seattle and a handful of Californian cities.

And NYC is installing bike racks designed by none other than David Byrne who submitted his own designs after he was asked to judge a competition ny times story here.

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