Tuesday, August 5

shared stories

Storytelling will never be a thing of the past. As Scientific American breaks it down
here, storytelling is one of the few human traits that are truly universal across culture and through all of known history.

It's no wonder then that communities are organizing around a love of lore. To wit, back fence pdx is a collective with the mission of telling stories. Self described, they are kissing cousins to Porchlight, a storytelling series based in San Francisco. The Back Fence pdx blog offers a weekly story by a writer, blogger, or someone with an unusual story about the topic.

Shared Experience
Select Back Fence performers share their 6-minute stories organized around themed topics bimonthly. True Colors, the current series, is scheduled for Wednesday, August 13 at 7:30p.m. You can register for the event here or visit the blog for an auto-odyssey. Another way to stay in the loop of future scheduled events is to follow Back Fence on twitter .

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