Tuesday, August 26

This for that, free of charge

Madonna's not the only one getting political these days. In separate efforts, Radiohead and Sheryl Crow are promoting social responsibility by offering up their goods in exchange for fans' participation.

In July, at ease shared that Radiohead surveyed fans who bought their North American show tickets through the W.A.S.T.E. ticket store. The survey allowed fans to enter their travel information to and from the show and calculate their carbon footprint. The survey results will be used in planning future tour schedules. In exchange for filling out the survey, Radiohead offered fans a free download of a live track from this year's tour.

Sheryl Crow is working with rock the vote to promote voter registration. Fans can earn a free album by getting three friends to register during the month of August.

With digital delivery and musicians good intentions, we can expect so see more of this for that transactions.

photo via wired listening post

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