Friday, August 29

Library Love

Collective book love is happening, good cause for a library celebration. Seattle library fans may purchase “I read in a Koolhaas” t-shirts and indeed they do, Architectural Media breaks down the architectural wonder on their blog.

Aside from the library design star, there is renewed affection for books of the borrowed kind being professed here and there. At hula seventy the recent post little worlds documents the library pilgrimage and ensuing inspiration.

Are you borrowing or buying your books? What are you checking out? Where are your favorite libraries?

Courtyard views of one of my faves, the Boston Public Library.


Horton Brothers said...

I NEVER buy books (they're FREE at the Library YO!), unless it's from a small Mom and Pop book shop (which are rare in USA)... Besides, I never know what to do with a bunch of books (ie College texts). I think people who buy and display all their Barns and Noble Fiction/Non are just trying to look learned and smart! We all know that's not true! FAKE!

Anonymous said...

The Suzzallo Library at UW in Seattle. Gothic goodness.

Miss Destructo said...

Love your blog! Thanks for finding me in the twitterverse :)

My absolute favorite library that I have visited is the Austrian National Library.

It's in-cred-ible.