Thursday, February 16

Do you care about Academy Awards?

Perhaps it's my competitive nature but, for some reason, I get a mild touch of Oscar fever around this time of year.

Symptoms include:

a delusional belief that the best (insert category) will win

that there is some meaning to the event

that some genuine goodness will be derived from viewing the ceremony.

All I know is, Heath Ledger has my (inconsequential) vote for best actor. Bravo!


lEVTOv zONAREs said...

Dude, yer photo is top-notch cool.
I think my favorite thingy from the Oscars
Who names anyone Oscar anymore?

highdesertsultan said...


oscar party?

is that on one of your new channels?

star detective said...

I have no idea what station the oscars are on but I haven't seen any advertisements during the Olympics binge Mas is I don't think it's NBC. Sorry 'bout that. I am up for a gathering.

star detective said...

Oscar is under used, as is Levtov. May both names be celebrated and utilized during (what appears to be) the current baby boom in my community.

Townshend said...

I too have an interest in the Oscars. There still seems to be some level of credibility to the process behind it.

The Grammy's on the other hand I refuse to watch. I recall the 1980 Grammy's when Christopher Cross beat out Pink Floyd's "The Wall" for best album. I mean c'mon, history has proven how ridiculous that choice was. That was the last time I watched the Grammy's.

star detective said...

I'm with you Townshend. The Grammy's seem to be a laughable hoax.
I wonder if the Academy Awards receive more credit than they deserve? Oscars tend to be a celebration of mediocrity and/or box office appeal. I don't even remember what film won Best Picture of 2004. I believe Million Dollar Baby won a few awards...I thought it was crap.
I think they got some things right with nominations this time around. Sure, there are a couple of cop- outs (Charlize in North Country?) but, it's nice to see some quality films in the running. We'll see who goes home with the statues.